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Save More Time on Tax Calculations

When it is the payday, obviously the employer has to pay attention to the payroll that deals with tax calculations of FICA tax such as social security and medicare taxes, Federal and State income tax withholdings.

Automatic & Accurate Withholding Calculations

Never worry about handling the calculations when you have our free paystub generator by your side. Our free paystub generator is not only used to create paystub but also acts as an accurate tax calculator, saves more time for you on the tax calculations. All the Federal, State withholding calculations will be accurate to report.

Withholding Calculations based on New 2020 Form W-4

The tax laws will keep on changing. And our free paystub generator strives to change as per the change in the tax law and it is up-to-date will all the changes. Our free paystub generator accommodates the recent change in withholding calculations based on the new 2020 Form W-4, so you never have to worry about the tax rates and all, and the calculations will be accurate.

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Year to Date Calculations

And if you have to think of adding Year to date values to the paystub, you can do so with our free paystub generator. All the year to date values will reflect with accurate and automatic calculations and so you don't have to bother about it of doing the calculation manually.


You can also choose to have our free paystub generator to include the FUTA and SUTA taxes to your employee paystub if required.

Additional Earnings

Also, you might have provided your employees with additional earnings like overtime, bonus, or advance pay. You can add it to the paystub.

Paystub Templates

Be it the color or style of the paystub template. You can choose from the list of the paystub templates that we provide as per your requirements. We also let you customize it further by adding your company logo to make the paystub more professional.

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Customize your paystub with our free paystub generator

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Preview your Paystub

Preview your Paystub

Make sure you have entered all the company, employee, compensation and pay schedule details. You can then preview the paystub to see the actual taxes you are responsible to withhold for the employee with the year to date calculations.

Make Corrections If required

Make Corrections If required

Mistakes would happen anytime. You might have ended up entering the wrong value in hours worked, compensation details or even with the pay schedule details. In case, If you have noticed any errors while previewing your paystub, you can easily correct it before you download the paystub.

Download or Email Paystubl

Download or Email Paystubl

Once everything is done and fine, you can instantly download the paystub and have it for your reference or you can send it to your employee on your own. If you wish to send directly to your employee or contract, you can do so by entering their email address and our system will instantly deliver the paystub to your employee or contractor.

A Quick Guide on How to Create Paystub Online using our Free Paystub Generator

Step 1 : Getting yourself prepared

Make sure that you have all the necessary information required to generate paystubs online. Basically you would need the company details that contain Company Name, EIN, and Address.

And also you would have to know the employee details such as Employee Name, Compensation and Pay Schedule Details.

Have this information handy will help you to complete the total process in less than 2 minutes.

Step 2 : Enter the Paystub Details

Enter all the details that you would like to want in paystub that include company and employee details. And you can choose to have additional information regarding pay additional payments if any. Once you have entered all your details, enter hours worked and then continue to preview your paystub that contains actual taxes.

Step 3 : Preview, Download or Email the Paystub

You can create paystub instantly, preview and make any corrections if required else you can continue downloading the paystub. If you know the email address of your employee, you can send the paystub directly.

If you have more employees you can continue adding more paystubs to your account by following the same steps again.

It's easy and takes only less than 2 minutes to create paystub using our Free Paystub Generator Online


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